The Taste of Expository Preaching

Tim Challies writes about the insatiable appetite one acquires after tasting the Word of God explained as it should be–verse by verse–and how anything else simply melts in its own mediocrity. This is a hunger I can understand. Read his article, Ruined For Anything Else.


Evaluating Bill Gothard’s Teachings

Judge for yourself as you read this article on Gothardism: Dangerous Leanings of Bill Gothard’s Teachings

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Is Mark Driscoll ESV Only?

No, he’s not, but he is rather adamant on the superiority of the ESV. Interesting.
Read here: Pastoral Reflections on Bible Translations: Why We Preach From the English Standard Version TheResurgence

Relevant vs. Distinct

Great article here by Mark Dever on the importance of being distinct over being relevant. Church Matters: 9Marks Blog