What is Jehovah Really Searching for Among His People?

A quick thought here. Upon reading, observing, and meditating on Deuteronomy 8, I really see the single message of it to its readers as this, the sovereign leading, disciplining, and providing hand of God is to drive His people to dependence on Him. Over and over the Israelites were exhorted to remember His works, works of guidance, discipline, and provision. This idea of remembrance of God’s works is clearly linked to another idea repeated frequently in the chapter, humility.

Contrast this with the other side of the coin in this passage, forgetting. The Hebrews were told that to forget God would result in their curse. The idea of forgetting is also linked to another clear idea in the passage, pride.

What is the synthesis of these 2 principles? Remembering God’s works (guiding, discipline, & provision) will drive His children to greater dependence on Him in humility in a purer understanding of His grace and mercy in our undeserving lives. Forgetting His works will feed the monster of human prideful independence and self-sufficiency and eliminate the awe of grace and mercy.

On this upcoming Independence Day, celebrate your true dependence in your ALL IN ALL!

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