Test Yourself

Jared Wilson:

Are You Gospel-Shaped, or Just Religious?

3 ways to tell.

1. Your reaction when things fall apart.

Do you catch yourself saying, "God, why is this happening? I’ve done x, y, and z?" Do suffering, difficulty, and obstacles provoke "why?" questions predicated on your goodness or effort? You’ve been working so hard, reading your Bible, going to church, serving others . . . why would God let this happen to you now? If that’s your line of thinking, it reveals you believe God owes you. And that’s religion.

2. Your reaction to others.

Do you compare yourself, bad or good, against others? Do you belittle, mock, condescend, even if just internally? Do you resent others’ successes? Do you celebrate others’ failures? Do you really wish people would get their act together, or do you really wish people knew Jesus? Are you frequently annoyed, put out, irritated, embarrassed, or inconvenienced by others?

3. Your appraisal of Jesus.

Is he your greatest treasure? That’s the number one indicator of gospel-conformity. You may know right off the bat if this is true or not. For some, it’s true only sentimentally or religiously. You may think it’s true ultimately, but your time, talents, words, emotions, and bank account testify differently.


These are all heart issues. Anybody can get the behavior right. The Pharisees certainly did, and most of them went to hell. But this isn’t even about looking Pharisaical or legalistic or churchy. There’s a lot of Christian hipsters out there in coffee shop churches who have no idea they’re just religious.


Martin Lloyd-Jones

Justin Taylor:

29 years ago today Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones went to be with the Lord. He is widely considered to be one of the best preachers of the 20th century.

For a 10-minute documentary introduction to his life, watch this:

For biographies, see the following from Iain Murray, his official biographer and former assistant:

See also this collection of personal correspondence: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Letters 1919-1981.

You can hear The Doctor preach online for free at Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust.

Crossway Books continues to publish new volumes by Dr. Lloyd-Jones, expertly edited from transcribed sermons by his daughter, Lady Elizabeth Catherwood. You can see all the Crossway volumes here.

A few years ago Mark Dever interviewed Lady Elizabeth and her husband, Sir Fred Catherwood, about the famed preacher: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Reflections on His Ministry with His Family.