New Book


I just received Complete in Him, A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel, in the mail. I stumbled upon it through someone mentioning what a blessing it was to them and that it was now back in print for a limited time, so I grabbed it and have skimmed it and looked through the chapters and appendices so far. I think I can already say that this is an invaluable resource to deepen my love for Christ’s work on my behalf. Let me share the chapter titles and subthemes:
1. Condemnation: The Need of the Gospel
     Sinners are Spiritually Dead, Morally Corrupt, and Justly Condemned
2. Christ: the Essence of the Gospel
     Key Aspects of Christ’s Humiliation & Exaltation
3. Conversion: The Response to the Gospel
     The Components, Positive Side, and "Negative" Side of Conversion
4. Regeneration: New Life in the Gospel
     The Definition and Exposition of New Life
5. Union with Christ
     United to Christ Representatively, Mystically, Vitally, Intimately, and Eternally
6. Justification: The Legality of the Gospel
     The Meaning of, Need for, Grounds of, Result of, and Means of Justification
7. Reconciliation: The Peace of the Gospel
     The Necessity, Character, and Results of Reconciliation
8. Adoption: The Privileges in the Gospel
     Definition of Adoption and the Development of the Doctrine
9. Sanctification: The Effect of the Gospel
     The Principle of, Problem for, Provision for, Performance of, and      Pattern for  Sanctification
10. Glorification: The End of the Gospel
     The New Body and a New Standard of Living
11. Assurance: The Enjoyment of the Gospel
     The Objective Basis for and Subjective Experience of Assurance
12. Conclusion
13. Appendices

     Justification and Sanctification
     Who Fought the Battle of Jericho?
     Union with Christ: The Ground of Sanctification
     God’s Law: The Absolute Standard for Ethics

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