Catechesis: The Soil You Grow in


The catechesis is the term for the substance of the teaching process of Christian doctrine to ground believers in the Gospel.

J. I. Packer, in his book, Grounded in the Gospel, lists 5 founts, or frames for the teaching process:

To speak of five founts is to indicate that we are now identifying sources for all our catechetical account. From these we derive the substance of vital catechesis, and together they form an ever-present backdrop for all catechetical ministry. Although these could certainly be framed or enumerated differently, we here specify the following five as the essential bases of our catechizing:

  • the Triune God, who alone is God and has revealed Himself to us
  • the Scriptures, the faithful and trustworthy record of God’s revelation
  • the Story, which is unfolded in those Scriptures
  • the Gospel, which is both apex and summary of the Story
  • the Faith, which includes the Gospel and its implications

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