Treasure in your hands


You all have by you a large treasure of divine knowledge, in that you
have the Bible in your hands; therefore be not contented in possessing
but little of this treasure. God hath spoken much to you in the
Scripture; labor to understand as much of what he saith as you can. God
hath made you all reasonable creatures; therefore let not the noble
faculty of reason or understanding lie neglected. Content not yourselves
with having so much knowledge as is thrown in your way, and as you
receive in some sense unavoidably by the frequent inculcation of divine
truth in the preaching of the word, of which you are obliged to be
hearers, or as you accidentally gain in conversation; but let it be very
much your business to search for it, and that with the same diligence
and labor with which men are wont to dig in mines of silver and gold

     Jonathan Edwards


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