Mr. and Mrs. Perfect?

imageWake up, Princess!

Wake up, Prince  Charming!

He is tall, dark and handsome. He drives a nice car, possesses advanced degrees from leading institutions of higher education, fetches a six-figure salary. And, he boasts bloodlines that, from a purely human perspective, are impeccable. Likewise, she is from a prominent family, graduated as valedictorian at college, has a smile and overall bearing reminiscent of Lady Diane and has a winsome personality to match. They meet, they marry, they honeymoon in a tropical paradise and then they go home, both expecting to have a dream life together in their new house with its spacious lawn, its picket fence, its existence in an upper-middle class neighborhood and its conspicuous existence under perpetual blue skies.

But, Paul David Tripp argues that this new couple, Mr. and Mrs. perfect, have just entered into what might best be called round one of holy headlock. Inevitably, they will go to their separate corners. And they will come out swinging. The giddiness will fade. And the gloves will come off. Why? How did paradise so quickly evaporate like a desert mirage? In his new book, What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage (Crossway), Tripp tells us, and he puts a biblical finger on perhaps the single greatest factor that has troubled marriages for generations in the modern-day West …

I purchased Tripp’s book recently and look forward to gleaning from it.

Read the rest.

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