Stupid stuff we (Christians) say on FB without thinking . . .

Jared Wilson:

I should interact with the inane things Christians say on Facebook more often. Maybe it’ll become a regular feature. Or maybe that would be too cynical and curmudgeonly and critical, even for me. 🙂
But here’s a gem from my feed today:

"Take today and make it your own."

You know, I don’t need anyone to tell me to do that. And you don’t either, probably. All of us do that already, automatically. We all take each day and make it our own. We generally have no problem living as though each day belongs to us. We typically want it to revolve around us and when things go wrong, we get upset because we naturally believe the day should submit to our comfort and command.
But it’s not ours. This is the day the Lord has made, so it belongs to him.
Better advice, then, something that we really do need to be reminded of, might be to take your day and make it look like it’s God’s.

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