Have you ever seen a janitor interviewed for his testimony?



A decade ago, some people were offended when media mogul Ted Turner called Christianity “a religion for losers” (he later expressed regret for that and similar remarks).  But the fact is, in one sense Ted Turner was exactly right. Christianity is for losers.

For a long time, we Christians have spent time and energy and money trying our best to convince the world we’re cool, and that we’re winners. And in our world, cool means being just as prominent and prosperous, just as smart and stylish, just as successful and savvy as anybody else. Just look at how Christians swell with pride when a successful athlete or actor or politician professes his faith. It’s as if we shout to everyone, “See! This guy has everything, and he’s a believer—so Christianity has to be cool.” We want to parade these celebrities and their faith before the world.

In Too Good to Be True, Michael Horton asks, “Have you ever seen a janitor interviewed for his testimony?”  The reason we haven’t is that God-fearing janitors don’t represent strength or intelligence or coolness in our culture. They’re viewed as less valuable than the famous entertainer or the sports star or the rising politician. And we, as the church, have adopted the same categorization.

The gospel, however, is not just for the all-star and the illustrious and the legendary. It’s for the loser. It’s for the defeated, not the dominant. It’s for those who realize they’re unable to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders—those who’ve figured out that they’re not gods. It’s for people who understand the bankruptcy of life without God. It’s for people who recognize that while they’re definitely deficient, God is more than sufficient.  

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