Watching FoxNews every night and starting to think the Kingdom of God will be ushered in through political conservatism . . . is probably exactly what the devil wants: The Message of the Gospel is Not "Behave!"

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  1. I agree that you are right on with your assessment. We need a spiritual revival, not a political revolution. We’ve recently posted two articles along this line: “Distracted by Political Activism” ( and “The Danger of Crusading” ( Thanks for sounding this needed note!

    As a side note, my wife and I benefited from your father’s ministry to us our our church’s annual conference in February. His message was life-impacting. We enjoyed spending time with him over supper, too!

    • Thanks, Thomas. I truly believe politics is reflective of culture rather than directive of culture and only the Gospel changes the inside. Anything else is Dr. Phil moralism and self-righteousness. Glad you enjoyed my Dad’s ministry. He has certainly impacted me! Blessings.

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