Questions to Evaluate Your Church’s Evangelism

Gene Getz in his book, Sharpening the Focus of the Church, lists some helpful questions to clarify the church’s purpose in evangelism.

1. Is our church concerned about its immediate community? Are we reaching people for Christ? Or, are we substituting a program of foreign missions and neglecting those who live within the context of our local witness?

2. Are we active “as a body” in local church evangelism? Are we providing backdrop against which individual evangelism can take place? Or do we expect individual Christians to witness in a vacuum?

3. Are we substituting the “church gathered” as the primary place to “preach the gospel,” rather than a place to develop Christians and serve as a dynamic example of Christian love and unity to the world? Are we using the “church gathered” as a place where non-Christians can “come” to get saved rather than a bridge to the world?

4. Are we reaching whole households with the gospel, concentrating first on reaching parents? Or are we substituting a program of child and youth evangelism for adult evangelism?

5. Are we discovering and recognizing those in the church who feel especially called to evangelism, and are we encouraging them in their community and worldwide witness through moral and financial support?

6. Are new believers integrated into the life of the local church as soon as possible?

7. Are we utilizing contemporary strategies and approaches to community and worldwide evangelism, that are distinctive and unique to our particular twenty-first century problems in reaching people for Christ?

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