Becoming Like the Culture? Really?

With so much discussion about the church’s role in culture, and the questions concerning that being usually regarding how much of culture can we absorb for the purpose of outreach, I have a different perspective. Instead of focusing on what we can take in of the culture to reach people and draw them, consider this. Because much of culture is the outgrowth of fallen man and tainted with its sin and effects, the way to take advantage of the culture is not always looking to see what we can conform to, but realize what a fallen culture corrodes in man’s heart and longings and use the church to provide the Gospel to an unsatisfied humanity’s heart’s yearning. For example, in America, in a culture that is so institutionalized and creating people who feel as if they are only cogs in a big machine, the church provides meaningful and edificious relationships in community as a gathered people. Also, in a culture of constant rapid change and instability, the church can provide what is lacking there by offering stability and security through the character of the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In addition, in a culture that is destructive to the building block of all cultures and societies, the nuclear family unit, the church can proclaim and embody the power of the Gospel as it is lived out in the family in the father, mother, husband, wife, children, and siblings in harmony and sincere love and submission in purity.

So why spend so much thought and energy and conforming to the culture when we have a culture that behind the mask of temporality and the relativity of postmodernity is screaming for a lasting relationship that is saturated with the truth of the Living God.

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