The Hideous Monster of Institutionalism in the Church of Christ (Pt. 2)

Why is this so true of the church if the church is an organism and not an institution? Gene Getz lists 5 reasons:

1. Our greatest strength has helped create some of our greatest problems. Our right emphasis of the Bible as the final authority has pushed aside the community and ministry functions of the church. The Word needs to have outlets.

2. Emphasizing the church as a soul-winning station has also contributed its share to the process of institutionalism. The right idea of soul-winning is attempted in the church and believers are anemic with a lack of Bible teaching and repetitious gospel messages intended for the unsaved.

3. We are beginning to support the “institution” rather than its reason for existing. As long as people ‘support the program’ by coming, they are evaluated as spiritually mature. We are more concerned with existence than our cause for existence.

4. We are emphasizing correct doctrine and frequently neglecting the quality of one’s life. The criterion for spiritual maturity is out of balance by focusing on what one believes and forgetting the way he lives.

5. We have allowed non-absolutes to become absolute. What may have even been a means to end at one time become an end in itself.

Break free and renew your study of the church in the New Testament.


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