Sacrifice That Destroys Credibility

When keeping in step becomes the tail that wags the dog for the sake of relevancy, truth is sacrificed on the altar of people-pleasing. Paul makes it very clear in many of his epistles and apologetic occasions in Acts that truth did not have to be veiled to make his audience connect with him and not be offended. In fact, this very thing happened to be the impetus for his imprisonment and persecution and an example for believers today. The church deteriorates the demands of Christ when it maintains a man-centered focus. As John Piper has observed,

“. . . softening hard truth for evangelism in public undermines truth for the waffling believer in private.

I think in general this is what cultural adapters fail to realize: making the truth more palatable for unbelievers to help them make a step toward orthodoxy serves even more (it seems historically) to help loosely orthodox people feel how unpalatable orthodoxy is and move away from it.”


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