What Makes Your Church Appealing?

I received a flyer in the mail today from IX Marks that had such thought-provoking questions that I had to share them.

It began with this premise:
“We will look like Him as we listen to Him.”

Then it asked these questions: “What makes your church appealing?

-Good music?
-Comfortable for outsiders?
-A traditional service?
-People who look like you?

How about going for a supernatural appeal, something like. . .

A group of pardoned rebels
from multiple ethnicities and classes
whom God embraces
and refashions in his Son’s image
–holy, loving, united–
with his own Spirit
before an onlooking universe
as the display of his glory

Is not that the purest New Testament (Ephesians 1-5) definition of the church? May our people identify with God’s purpose for them!

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