Who Taught Christ?

He astounded the scholars with His discernment of the Scriptures as a twelve year old boy. How was He so capable? Well, He was God, you might say. True, but he was all man, I would remind you. Was he specially equipped that evening? Well, He was filled with the Spirit beyond measure as no other man was. But it was more than that. His humanity demanded that the ability He showed in the temple was built on teaching to Him during an instruction period. Is there evidence of that in Scripture? Let me take you to Isaiah 50:4-5:

4 The Lord God has given me
the tongue of those who are taught,
that I may know how to sustain with a word
him who is weary.
Morning by morning he awakens;
he awakens my ear
to hear as those who are taught
5 The Lord God has opened my ear,
and I was not rebellious;
I turned not backward.

Look again at vs. 4. This is the section of Scripture that scholars recognize as describing the Servant of Jehovah, the Messiah. In the fourth verse the Messiah’s training is revealed. He is given the ability to speak as one who is learned. How is this ability given? Spiritual effort. Morning by morning He is awakened by His loving Heavenly Father to listen to the instruction Abba would give Him that dawn. He listened obediently to the training from the Trinity. How special those times were. What impact the fellowship in the morning with His Father this had on His life and practice (John 17)! By the time He was twelve He was sufficiently trained in the Word of God to authoritatively give the proper interpretation of the Torah (a s’mikeh level rabbi).

How much do you allow the Father to teach you His Word through His Spirit each day? What an example a young Jewish boy was to us today!


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