A Good Example of What Baptism is All About

The Layers and Stovers in Poland, college friends of ours, and high school friends of my wife, give us a taste of what baptism means when it is done publicly rather than in the safe fortress mentality of the inner walls of the church. Scripture seems to indicate baptism is a public demonstration of submission to Christ. By public, I mean not just to the people in the church, but to friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and the gawking onlookers. It was normally done in a public place, such as a river, and drew curious spectators as well as criticism and hostility. It demonstrated the sincerity of the believer to forsake all and follow Christ, even if it meant being marked for ostracization as a Jesus follower. Read the article at the link above to get a glimpse of the cost of discipleship in the area of baptism.


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