The text was one of my favorite. At Northland, I remember listening spellbound as Dr. Dave Doran unpacked it and pressed the eternal truths to my heart. Despite the rumblings of my stomach as the message preluded lunch, I understood that to have a metamorphosis of my spiritual life, there needed to be a precedent of viewing and contemplated the glory of God in His revelation. 2 Corinthians 3:18 became a passage that swelled in the back of my mind.

This evening as I listened to Pastor Schlagel and heard that text expounded again for the first time since that college chapel morning, it again seeped into my soul and spilled its radiance of awe into my lap: the Word manifests THE WORD! Here is what I was reminded of: First, sanctification is a mandate to all believers, not to the one who claims some enlightened extra-biblical revelation and experience as some seem to teach, but any pure seeker may become transformed by studying THE WORD in the Word. Secondly, His grace is the means through which the believer’s life is sanctified as He works out His salvation in our lives. It is a gracious thing for a fallen creature to be redeemed and have the gift of life wholly set apart for Christlikeness. Thirdly, while my responsibility is to be submitted, the actual task of sanctification and transformation is energized and worked through the person of the Holy Spirit in my life. Therefore I need to be controlled by Him for this process of metamorphosis to occur in my life.

The text rung true in my mind. It is only through a surrendered life to the work of the Spirit as He navigates the Word into the twisted river of my life that transformation will happen. If I am not being transformed presently it is because I have failed to allow the text to change me! May God grant the grace to fasten this truth into our words and works!
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