You’ll Never Have It Worse Than . . .

Dr. Ollila used to say that “as a believer you will never experience anything worse than what you face on this earth, and as an unbeliever you will never have anything better than what you have on this earth.”

Very true! This thought is a blessed hope for the Christian. The thought that the very worst thing I experience will fade into rapturous joy at my glorification is satisfying. It rings of the emphasis in the book of Hebrews to press on, for the city we look for is far greater than one made with hands. Of course, the most glorious thought is the hope of Christ when our faith shall be sight. What encouragement for those believers working through a temporary trial on this earth!

I thought of Dr. Sam Horn of Brookside Baptist Church and Northland Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin, who found out this week, that his wife, who is relatively young, has been diagnosed with an advanced case of fast-moving cancer. Yet he addressed the local body of believers he pastors to not have pity for him, his wife, and their two young boys, but to see the glory of God being displayed through His wonderful plan for them. He grasped it. He understood that anything “bad” that happens to me is an opportunity to reveal His glory in all things and will only be for a little while.

How sad, however, for the unbeliever who does not have that hope, but lavishes his time and effort in building a life that will only last for a microscopic speck of eternity. He lives for his own pleasures and lusts, and even then is not satisfied but full of guilt. When hard times come he is driven to depression and the futility of what he has built upon. This is the best he will ever come to know.

What does the Biblical view of life do to me? It makes me grateful to the Lord. It makes me put life in perspective of eternity. It gives me a burden for the lost who need the answer of the hope that has been transplanted in my heart.

The question each of us need to ask ourselves is this: Does my life echo this hope of eternity, or is it smudged with the dinge of living for my flesh? Set your affections on things above for that is where your hope of glory lies!

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