The True Focus of Separation

After a conference on prayer at the church I am a part of, it hit me. The focus of the sincere believer is concerned with separation from the world. Legitimately so, in one sense, because of passages like Romans 12:2 that are exhortations to not allow your identity to become pressed into the mold of the world. Yet, sitting there listening to the speaker plead with the audience for a closer walk with the Lord, I realized that separation from the world is a byproduct, a benefit. It is an effect and not a cause.

What is the cause then? The cause of separation from the world is simply separation to God. If man is passionate in his pursuit of the will of God by conforming his life to what his Master has commanded, the rest will follow. It is not a novel idea, but an easily ignored pursuit. The worth of our Christianity is our consecration to God. It is then that the enticements world will grow so strangely dim. Even the passage in Romans 12 concerning separation from the world recognizes this as Paul begins with the urge to submit to the will of God and renew the mind with His commands. The outflow of that process is verse 2 when he reminds them to be separate from the world system.

I think that, so often, Christianity in my circles has attempted to separate from the world without starting at the beginning. This has produced rebels, disgust, and has fostered an attitude of judgment and criticism in our churches .

I truly believe that when the church grasps the true focus of consecration to God, she will be unspotted from the world.

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